The 5G tech that powers Me+Moo

If you run a farm or agricultural business, digital transformation can be challenging when you can’t access to reliable, high speed connectivity – or any connectivity at all!

But 5G changes everything.

On the farm that powers our Me+Moo app, there’s a whole bunch of modern technology that’s made faster and more reliable by the power of 5G.

From the way they’re milked to the way they feed, and the way farmers are able to look after them, 5G is helping to keep the cows healthy and happy.

Here’s how…

Connected cows

Starting with the key to our Me+Moo app: those very fancy connected collars the cows are rocking.

The collars have a number of sensors on them that help the farmer monitor their movements, much in the same way we would wear a fitness tracker to keep tabs on our own activity.

The sensors provide all sorts of information, from where the cow is to whether she’s standing up, lying down, chewing the cud and lots more important stuff.

It’s a fantastic way to measure how healthy she is. And most importantly: the wearable tech lets the farmer access that information – and find out if something’s not quite right with one of the cows – much quicker than he otherwise could.

5G connectivity delivers the speed, reliability and availability needed for these collars so that the farm and its resident herd can benefit.

Self-service food

During the warm spring and summer months the cows on the farm love to eat outside. But in the colder months they need a way to graze inside as well, and that’s where 5G connectivity can help.

On the farm there is an intelligent system inside the barn that adapts to each cow based on the rate at which she likes to eat.

The system has feeding tables that move around the barn. This gets loaded up with food which is then dispensed in pre-programmed quantities to the hungry cows.

And there’s no need for the farmer to drive in there with a tractor full of food when supplies run low, disrupting the cows on his way. A rail-mounted feed dispenser does that job for him, delivering rations to the feeding area up to 15 times a day.

It’s an amazing system that guarantees the right amount of fresh food for every cow at any time of day.

But again, it needs always-on connectivity to ensure the data it is collecting and processing about the cows’ feeding patterns is always accurate and relevant, so the system can adjust accordingly.

Stress-free milking

Milking is an important part of our cows daily routine and we want to ensure this is a stress-free experience for them.

Thankfully the robotic milking machines on the Me+Moo farm makes it easier and more enjoyable than ever for those lucky cows.

The automated system means they can come and be milked whenever it suits them. No strict schedule. No being forced to stand and produce milk when they don’t feel like it. On this farm, they run the show.

When a cow steps into position, the machine automatically attaches the teats to her udders and the milking cycle begins. The teats are self-cleaning and can clean the cow’s udders, too, so the cow’s health is never at risk.

The system provides a huge amount of data about the cows and their milking habits, from how much milk each cow provides to how long it took, the temperature, and lots more important information.

The farmer can then monitor all that data in real time and take action whenever it’s needed. For example, a sudden decline in milk production might indicate an underlying health issue with the cow.

There’s even a camera attached to each machine so it can recognise individual cows and adjust to perfectly fit their size and shape, making it even more comfortable for them.

This kind of system has a hugely positive impact on the stress levels and general wellbeing of the cows,


Now you’ve seen some of the 5G-powered tech on the Me+Moo farm, but there’s lots more information on the app itself, with a chance to see all this data come to life on your mobile device.

Download the Me+Moo app now and see for yourself.

March 29, 2019 in Agritech