Sounds of Orkney

Lend us your ears!


5G RuralFirst is creating an audio portrait of Orkney, and we need your help!

We’ve commissioned Orkney-born composer Erland Cooper to write a special piece of music that will broadcast Orkney’s spirit to the world.

To do this, we’re crowdsourcing audio and video recordings from Orcadians to capture the unique character of the islands.

It could be the sound of birdsong in the morning, the evening’s wander home from work, boats coming in to harbour, drinks in the pub on a Friday, or taking man’s best friend for a walk around the shore.

It might be the echo of a chambered cairn, waves lapping at the bay, seals barking, kids playing their way out of the school gates on a weekday afternoon, or even the pin drop silence of night.

What does Orkney sound like to you? We want to hear it.

The aim of this project is to make the case for rural connectivity: showing what connectivity can do for remote communities, and what these communities are already doing for themselves too.

So grab your phone or camcorder, hit record, and then send us the results. We’ll take it from there.

You can send us video or just audio, whatever is easiest for you – just remember to hold your phone in landscape if you’re filming a video.

Most smartphones come with a built-in voice recorder app, but if yours doesn’t have one pre-installed then you’ll find some good suggestions here.

To submit your recordings, you can either email them directly to or upload them to a file-hosting site like WeTransfer or Dropbox and send us a download link.

For full details of our T&Cs, visit this page.